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Below are some questions and answers that should help you understand better how Dr. Chameleon’s strong odors neutralizer and toxic gases neutralizer work. Should you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us at . We shall respond to your questions within 48 hours.

  • Can I use the toxic gases neutralizer and the strong odors neutralizer sachets at the same time and in the same area? Or should I use either one of the two?
Yes you can, and we even recommend that you use both neutralizer sachets at the same time and in the same area (where applicable) in order to obtain best result. Remember that the toxic gases neutralizer eliminates toxic gases molecules while the strong odors neutralizer removes pungent odors. Therefore, they perform two different functions.
  • What makes the toxic gases neutralizer and the strong odors neutralizer unique or better than the existing odors eliminators?
Dr. Chameleon’s toxic gases neutralizer is unique in the sense that it really adsorbs and eliminates toxic gases. It consists of 6 different types of molecular sieve beads with different pore sizes that enable the elimination process of these harmful gases. Lab test reports prove specifically that the neutralizer really adsorbs dangerous toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene. No other products claiming to eliminate such gases can prove it. Dr. Chameleon toxic gases neutralizer does the job!

Dr. Chameleon’s strong odors neutralizer is unique compared to other charcoal or bamboo carbons claiming to eliminate odors, or those deodorizers that only mask odors. Our strong odors neutralizer consists of highly activated and concentrated coconut shell carbon. Our coconut shell activated carbon is highly porous (1300 m2/g of specific surface area) and highly activated though 1200°C! It is one of the very best solution to eliminate almost instantly strong unpleasant odors!
  • What is the difference between the toxic gases neutralizer and the strong odors neutralizer?
The toxic gases neutralizer contains multi-molecular beads that eliminate harmful gases through a ‘chemical adsorption’ process. While the strong odors neutralizer consists of highly activated absorbent flakes that eliminate pungent odors by physical absorption.
  • Can I use only one of the two types of neutralizer at a time?
Yes, surely you can. But it depends on what you are looking for as performance. The strong odors neutralizer shall surely absorbs most of the bad smell. But it cannot eliminate gases from your living areas. While the toxic gases neutralizer shall adsorb and retain the toxic gases within its multi-molecular adsorbent beads. In doing so, the beads shall also neutralize some odors that are usually release by these gases, ammonia for instance. But the adsorbent beads shall not remove all odors.
  • Does the strong odors neutralizer release some fragrance?
No! The odors neutralizer is FRAGRANCE FREE. Make no mistake! The absorbing flakes do not override or mask odors with any perfumes or fragrance. It literally eliminates them through high-performance absorption, and leave behind a fresh living environment.
  • Can we use the neutralizer outside?
No! These neutralizers are designed for indoor air quality enhancement. If they are exposed to large open areas they will be quite quickly saturated.
  • How do I know that the neutralizer is saturated then?
There is no visible sign showing that the neutralizer is saturated. And since it is fragrance free, it is hard to determine whether it is saturated or not. However, lab tests suggest that the product shall remain fairly activated for a minimum of two months to a maximum of three months. Therefore, it is safe to say that the sachets should be replaced every two to three months.
  • How do I keep track of the duration of the activation period then?
We have made it very simple for you! Once you open the plastic sachet, the interior DuPont Tyvek breathable sachet is automatically activated! Write down immediately the current date on the space shown on the sachet. This means that two months following this date, the sachet is good to be replaced. Or write down the saturation date instead on the sachet! Done!
  • How do I discard of the sachets?
The content of the sachet is biodegradable and is non-poisonous! Just throw it away in the trash bin!
  • Are the neutralizer sachets hazardous?
The product is non-hazardous. In addition, the neutralizer beads and flakes are perfectly sealed in strong sachets, made of PE on one side and tear proof Dupont Tyvek fabric on the other side. Children or pets cannot tear open the sachets.

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