Sophisticated lab test reports confirm that our strong odors and toxic gases neutralizers can eliminate odors and toxic gases from your indoor areas, thus enhancing the indoor air quality you live in. These same test reports prove that the neutralizers can adsorb toxic gases, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, among others.

Nonetheless, while we do bring to your attention that some of these gases are known human carcinogens, and prolonged exposure to these gases can cause some serious diseases, we are not claiming that our toxic gases neutralizer guarantees a cure or a lifetime prevention from diseases that may be linked to excessive exposure to indoor toxic gases. We encourage you to do your own research from the websites of the health or environmental protection agencies, and make your own appreciation about the risk inherent to prolonged exposure to a toxic indoor environment.

While several press or web articles outline the dangers of a toxic indoor environment, we are in no way claiming that all homes, or any home in particular, contain such harmful gases. In order to remove efficiently most toxic gases from an enclosed space, sophisticated indoor air quality tests can be performed by specialized companies. Subsequently, these specialists can make recommendations and can bring the appropriate solutions to the clients. Dr. Chameleon toxic gases neutralizer is a good preventive solution to exposure to such those harmful gases. Nonetheless, its efficiency shall depend on the types and the amount of toxic gases present in the indoor area, as well as the dosage of the product. We recommend one sachet of 66 grams for a coverage of 30 to 50 ft2 [3 to 5m2]. We also recommend that the sachet is replaced every two months.